The Positive Transformation goal is to enable a more socially mobile society and develop a positive inclusive environment for everyone wanting to achieve more for the world around them. Below are the three groups we aim to support, please visit our About page to find out more about how Positive Transformation works and how we aim to aid these groups

The PTI vision is one of sustainable impact investing through a radical new approach to ‘Doing Good is Good Business’. This PTI vision will completely revolutionise the way your organisation engages new clients, builds relationships with existing clients, while simultaneously widening the reach of your CSR projects, increasing employee engagement, allowing access to greater resources and reducing overall CSR expenditure, while dramatically increasing impact. For further details click here.

Young People in Tough Realities

Our founder Dan Brown was homeless at 15, he built himself and his career from the ground up through hard work and persistence. He founded PTI in the belief that his experiences can enable PTI to help, develop & support others that are truly motivated to advance but may not yet know how to succeed. In doing so, significantly reduce, ultimately eradicate the unsettling fact that 30% of our youth are growing up in poverty and tough realities.

Below is a video from YMCA which is a good example of the type of project PTI supports and it's benefits. You can view a full list of programmes we support by clicking here

Returning Citizens

Positive Transformation is committed to reducing reoffending rates by examining the root causes of reoffending and making sure the 100,00 unsettled returning citizens have a better chance on their journey for reintegration.


Below is a video from David Apparicio describing one of the programmes we support and how working with PTI has already made a difference.


PTI is passionate about working to support veterans in challenging circumstances and to ending homelessness for the 6,000 veterans sleeping on UK streets (according to the Royal British Legion 2018 study).  PTI will help society understand it’s responsibility to all veterans by enabling pathways into retraining, skills development and employment by providing the right resources, connections and funding in positive support of those to which society owes a great debt.

Below is a video from Martine Cotter describing how she will be working with PTI to support veterans.

To understand more what has driven PTI please read the following by our founder, Dan Brown