What exactly is PTI Tech & Law for Good?


  • A group of large organisations working together in collaboration with PTI

  • Driven by the CIO and General Counsel

  • Advising and working with PTI on projects that will create opportunities and identify areas for collaboration that will widen impact of existing projects

  • Forming the PTI Proposal Board to oversee all budget allocation and project proposals

  • Helping to secure pledges from your vendor networks for the provision of:

    • Connections

    • Resources

    • Funding

  • Actively promoting the principle of collaboration to effect maximum positive societal change

  • Actively growing the PTI to create a ‘network of networks’ and opportunities for all

A Q&A to introduce Tech & Law for Good with Dan Brown the Founder of Positive Transformation and our National Chairman Michael Grant 

The Positive Transformation (PTI) vision is one of sustainable impact investing through a radical new approach to ‘Doing Good is Good Business’. This PTI vision through Tech & Law for Good will completely revolutionise the way your organisation engages new clients, builds relationships with existing clients, while simultaneously widening the reach of your CSR projects, increasing employee engagement, allowing access to greater resources and reducing overall CSR expenditure, while dramatically increasing impact.


The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) costs you nothing financially and will help create opportunities for everyone, people working for PTI do so for free and all funds and resources are given 100% and directly to the projects we support. Please click here for an explanation of PTI.