PTI partners with Ethical Angel to promote the next generation of employee volunteering and private / charity partnerships.

As two organisations dedicated to systems change and a rewriting of the relationship between the private and not-for-profit sectors, Ethical Angel and Positive Transformation Initiative have partnered to provide tangible opportunities to contribute to communities around the world.

Ethical Angel addresses wants and needs from three different stakeholder groups,
who together form the three most pivotal communities to create sustainable change: Angels (employees), Businesses, and Social Causes.


Ethical Angel is an award winning employee volunteering solution, that combines a
high-touch service with powerful technology to match individuals, teams and whole companies with experiences that make our world better.

Working hard with their global community of causes to ensure quality content and appropriate opportunities, Ethical Angel offers an unparallelled service to employers who want to engage their people in exciting, practical, learning and volunteering opportunities.


Here at PTI, it was this commitment to servicing their curated community of causes combined with impressive matching technology that ensured us anyone we refer would have an amazing and rewarding experience with their chosen cause. 

Ethical Angel makes it easy for businesses to facilitate, measure and evaluate the value-add to their people, our planet and their profit from employee volunteering.


For Businesses looking to develop their employees and build amazing relationships with causes, get in touch with Ethical Angel here to discuss their business package options.


For your exclusive offer to trial their platform, quote PTI PARTNER.