PTI partners with Every Child Needs a Mentor to transform lives through mentorship.
Why we do what we do:

Every Child Needs a Mentor’s mission is to enable every child to access high quality mentorship to equip them with necessary tools and skills for life.


Most mentoring for children in education is reactive and based on what we call the deficit model; where children have to be failing, underperforming or vulnerable in order to access mentoring. However, mentoring in sports, music, business or media is based on when you have potential which is an asset based model


At ECNM we deliver asset based mentoring so all children can have access to the support that mentoring can provide. Our award winning programme and training enable young people to develop their talents, build life skills and thrive.

Who we are:

Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNM) are leaders at delivering person-centred mentoring programmes. By using our asset-based approach, ECNM provides transformational mentoring solutions to Parents and Carers, Schools, Statutory Services, Local Authorities and Private organisations. 

According to Ofsted, ECNM's methodology was considered "best practice". Founded by Author and TEDx speaker, Herman Stewart and for close to two decades has been passionate about mentoring young people and is internationally regarded as a 'leading figure' in the field of Mentorship. ECNM provides highly skilled mentors for young people, mentor training and digital mentoring to inspire children to become the best version of themselves.

How we deliver our work:

As well as mentoring children and young people on a 1-1 and group basis we also provide mentoring online. ECNM offer accredited mentor training, inspirational workshops and mentoring programmes for individuals and a range of organisations. 

If you would like to find out more about how we could support you or your organisation please  contact us via: