PTI partners with MEx to empower individuals in making positive transformation by giving them access to knowledge and support.

MEx believe in a future in which talent development reflects PTI's vision, it can be fuelled by people's own ambition.

MEx empowers individuals who have made a positive commitment to transition, by letting them become their own change agent.

Ultimately it is our own passions and goals that drive the best learning and development.

Mentoring initiatives are time challenging. Our platform does not burden administrators with organising who is mentored, when these sessions occur, and understands the success of these sessions after they have taken place. Highly intuitive, highly efficient, highly effective feedback loop.

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From being a single component in a complex structure, the MEx platform gives members who want to become mentors or mentees, the opportunity to find each other, match learning initiatives and start exchanging seamlessly. This is available both online and in person, across the entire ecosystem, multiple cohort communities and multiple countries.

MEx provides corporations with invaluable resources to aid knowledge transfer and insights. The MEx platform constructs personalisation and support for the learning journey, skill assessments, talent gap analysis, organisational network and more.