Our Programmes

Chrysalis Programme

The Chrysalis Foundation’s is a prison programme which helps people to better own and drive positive change, so they can effectively, leave prison, reintegrate back into their lives and move away from reoffending.


The Drive Project

We are an award-winning creative social enterprise. We use the power of the arts as a recovery tool for those who have experienced trauma, specifically art and theatre projects across the U.K. for Injured Veterans.


The Leigh UTC

The Leigh UTC provides an exciting, innovative, business-led, problem-solving curriculum throughout Key Stage 4 and 5, enabling students to achieve relevant work-related qualifications and transferable skills for future training or employment. 

The Leigh UTC http://theleighutc.org.uk

School of Hard Knocks

School Of Hard Knocks delivers life-changing programmes across the UK for both children and adults. Please help us achieve our mission of empowering those most in need to fully realise their potential by becoming a donor.


The Challenger Trust

The Challenger Trust aims to install capacity in schools to be able to deliver robust programmes to develop character, by streamlining compliance, lowering cost, improving engagement and offering support. 


The Content Creatives

Training young people to produce powerful digital content, once trained, they work with us as photographers, videographers, interviewers, reporters and post-production specialists. 


The Transformation Trust

The Transformation Trust is an education charity dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity to young people across the country. We do this by working with some of the most challenged schools in the country,


YMCA in Milton Keynes

We have finalised our partnership with Simon Green CEO and Sarah J to establish an amazing partnership to accelerate an iconic project, blueprint for national development and the brand new spiritual home of The Positive Transformation Initiative


Veteran Focus Group

We are a small, dedicated team of volunteers working under the umbrella of the Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) to maintain and/or improve the health and prosperity of veterans after they leave the military.  

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