The three pillars

The Positive Transformation Group oversees a commercial company, an opportunity academy and a Not for Profit group which funds projects bringing change to society.

the positive innovation company

The Positive Innovation Company is a commercial venture set up to support the development of disruptive technology in a secure environment. It delivers effective insights and solutions to companies which aim to succeed through strategic vision. Its high-level network provides unparalleled leads and fresh knowledge for clients. A percentage of the revenue moves across to fund projects supported by PTI.

The Opportunity academy

The Opportunity Academy accesses corporate funds and government levies in order to deliver training programmes and apprenticeships to school-leavers, ex-military personnel, residents returning from custodial sentences and those facing employment challenges in the Covid era.

The positive transformation Initiative

The Positive Transformation Initiative is a philanthropic network which funds projects designed to bring about societal change both in the UK and internationally. It is financially supported by the Positive Innovation Company which transfers a percentage of its revenue to delivery agents in business, the State and the Third Sector.

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