Dan Brown
February 17, 2021


Sometimes in life the answer to the most pressing problems lies is right in front of us - it’s just that no-one has the will or the drive to pick up the baton and run. We do. The Positive Transformation Group is introducing a sustainable and scalable solution to one of the biggest challenges we face today - digital poverty.


It costs nothing, it is very simple and there’s no catch. We need to speak to key executives in order to explain how to make this work.


This year PTG will make money for business, turn a loss created through Government Stealth Taxation into a profit, build a new market for partner organisations and develop internal resources and skills for a more efficient workforce - all the while closing the digital skills divide. We will establish a powerful collaboration to deal with this complex social challenge. This will not require any financial investment from our partners as we will be utilising existing funding.




  1. Help the country now and be part of the solution by contributing your organisation's unused Apprenticeship Levy to end Digital Poverty.
  2. We can meet and explain the mechanics. We will even do it for you.
  3. The alternative is that £2.4billion of unspent levy will be wasted annually and automatically given to HMRC



I recently spoke at an event at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists designed to plan an end to Digital Poverty where I was joined by more than 200 guests. My fellow panel members were Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Greater London and Chairman of the Positive Transformation Group, Sir Kenneth Olisa, the CEO Raspberry Pi, Philip Colligan, ex-Chair Cisco, Phil Smith, CIO Department of Work and Pensions, Simon McKinnon and CEO Good Things Foundation, Helen Milner OBE. We discussed this scalable solution that is being implemented now through a powerful national collaboration with the Positive Transformation Group.


There is no sales pitch. We are simply working together to creat an end digital poverty in the UK and potentially internationally. At the end of the day we see it as levelling up on humanity. Join us and help the Positive Transformation Group deliver a simple solution to one of society’s biggest challenges.


Unleashing Universal Ambition.


Photo: David Everett Strickler

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