Dan Brown
February 17, 2021

Did you know that you are processing information at a rate of 11million bits per second in your subconscious brain, and yet only 50 bits per second in your conscious brain? My point being that we are very powerful computers. Unimaginably powerful. But we all get in our own way by overthinking in the conscious brain. Once we start working together in collaboration, in a more fluid subconscious manner, thinking bigger, and for a longer-term for a purpose, magical things can happen.

The Positive Transformation Group isa collaboration of organisations supporting CharitableOpportunity and our campaign of PositivelyImpacting 1 Billion Lives by providing the right networks, connections, resources, and opportunities to create brighter better futures. 

Our business model is one of CharitableOpportunity and is set up specifically so that if we enable everyone we help to be successful, we will all be successful. 

Everything depends on our ability to make other people's lives better. This is not some CSR bolt-on to business as usual, with a need to tick some boxes and write an impact report for a boardroom coffee table. We are driven by purpose not financial targets and will be positively impacting 1 billion lives by providing the right networks, connections, resources, and opportunities tocreate brighter better futures. 

I have always been open and transparent with Positive Transformation since making a public announcement in2019, and now as we scale in 2021 I am committed to making sure we are transparent, inclusive, and accessible in everything we do. No exceptions, no excuses.

I hold a firm, unshakable belief in myself and the people around me. We have grit, determination, and a relentless will to lead a new era of Positive Transformation during a time it is needed most, and we will be mercilessly persistent in creating brighter, better futures for those who need help, support and encouragement.

Our focus in 2021 is to lift a minimum of 1 million people out of digital poverty and connect them to new opportunities through education and pathways to employment. Project 2021Million – lifting 1 million people out of digital poverty and into education and employment.

The Positive TransformationGroup - Timeline in 2021
  • Focus on building Engagement & Delivery of Identified Funded Projects until April 2021
  • A soft launch with existing clients and partners May 2021
  • Scale-up and national engagement with additional funded projects
  • Full press launch in September at Tylney Hall 2021International development in 2022 and beyond

I know without any doubt in my mind that all the right elements are now in place, the foundations have been laid, and the environment is perfect for Positive Transformation to really take hold in 2021.

We also now have huge potential to scale globally in 2022 working with our collaborative technology team being led Barrie Hadfield of Mindset Ai. Barrie and his team will be providing the technology framework for PTG across everything we do.

The following structure is now the basis of everything we do from the 1st January 2021.

ThePositive Transformation Group LTD (Incorporating Greaves Consultancy LTD) will be the commercial entity 

  • I will be working very closely with Sir Ken Olisa OBE on Direction and Strategy for PTG, while also building The Positive Innovation Company.    
  • I will be working very closely with George Greaves on Connection and Engagement for PTG through our network of networks
  • Executive decisions for the group will be made by Sir Ken Olisa OBE as Chairman and Dan Brown as CEO

The Positive Development Trust– To be established as a charitable Trust 

Trustees to be appointed by Sir Ken Olisa OBE and Dan Brown

  • In the short term all Impact Investments made to charitable programmes, will run through Michael Grant & Bola Anthony.
  • The Impact Investment Group will form the basis of The Positive Development Trust once established in 2021

PTG Neural Network 

This will be our Technology Group headed up by Barrie Hadfield as a collaboration with Mindset AI. This group will be building PTG Neural Network –Contextual Human Connection which is the Human LinkedIn driven by connected Ai tailored to individual human requirements. We will be working withSir Ken Olisa OBE and Global ChangeMaker Shainoor Khoja

My goal for PTG is to support others in growing their own personal freedom and life equity in businesses and ownership developed through collaboration with The Positive Transformation Group

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