Dan Brown
February 17, 2021


I was on a call this yesterday with an amazing group of people that I have the privilege to know in South Africa and it really made me think about what is happening with the Positive Transformation Group. Really think about it, step back and just look at what is going on.

It also hit me like a rock to see how many amazing people are working together, helping each other, creating groups, plans, and opportunities for everyone else. No ego’s, agenda, or boundaries of any kind.  

I had to take more than a moment again to think about my past, the last 18 months since the Positive Transformation Group announcement dinner, and what the future looks like. It is incredibly inspiring and frankly very emotional for me, to see people globally coming together for real positive change, and working together collaboratively and really effectively in support of each other through PTG, not just for the now and the problems we have locally, but for future generations.

It is an honour to see this happening, and actually feel what is happening, not just here in the UK but now seeing the PTG Mindset moving internationally and breaking down barriers and boundaries. I am so inspired to see how quickly goodwill can spread around the world with kind-hearted, motivated, and likeminded people, particularly at a time when doubters would say that everyone will focus inwards, be selfish, not care for others or the future. 

If you have the will to make a change happen, PTG is the ever-increasing trusted network of like-minded people to provide that support. When I think about my life looking forward, I know I can get through the challenges as I remind myself that I have been sick, financially and emotionally broke, broken-hearted, homeless, jobless, destitute, rejected, isolated, without parents and at the edge of my sanity.

These days I am a very driven, relentless, passionate and unreasonable individual who until the end of last year was really still struggling emotionally to define the best version of myself. I am on an unshakeable mission to manifest opportunities for everyone and positively impact the lives of everyone on the planet who wants a hand up not a hand out.

PTG is the support that I never had, but will now never be denied another person if we work together in no boundaries collaboration enabling a brighter future for all.

Ultimately the goal is to support a more socially mobile society and develop a positive, inclusive environment for everyone wanting to achieve more for the world around them.

As someone once said, the past is another country. They do things differently there.

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