Dan Brown
February 17, 2021

So, for me, it’s a move away from artificial likes on social media and time to focus on what’s really important.Direct human connection and personal engagement, be it video or face to face.Video is now a widely accepted form of engagement that enables us to connect as human beings and in my mind, while we wait to be fully able to meet people again, we really need now more than ever to connect personally, to listen, to understand, to be understood, to be supportive and encouraging, which is all diminished through social media and the white wash facade it creates.

While I value LinkedIn as a tool and as a way to connect with interesting like-minded people who I may not already know, I am very conscious that social media posting in all its many forms is far more isolating than unifying for many and is not an effective way to connect with people in an engaging way. Ultimately, it is simply a distraction from supporting people who want to be heard, listened too and really understood in a trusted environment. People want to be part of something special in an arena that is safe and engaging.

I have reached a critical point with the Positive Transformation Group. Our amazing people who have now formed themselves into a trusted, engaged, supportive and effective Network ofNetworks, these now interacting on a deep meaningful level by enabling and facilitating positive societal change, real relationships with real people, people who are driven by vision, purpose and a goal to help everyone find, create, resource and develop opportunities.

I will be hosting regular opportunities for everyone to join in with these wonderful people, engage withPTG and be part of a helpful, supportive and effective network creating opportunities for you, commercial value for your organisation and widening social impact in society. In doing so we will facilitate far better communication and collaboration with no boundaries across business, the state and third sector, while also widening social impact and creating measurable business value.

PTG is not about unsustainable charitable handouts, and you don’t need to increase your CSR budget or find any other sources of funding, everyone can benefit from a simple new approach to DoingGood Is Good Business simply by changing perspective and thinking differently. PTG brings a new perspective that costs you nothing financially and will help create opportunities for everyone.

We believe, every individual, without exception, can make a positive difference to someone in life. You do not need to be rich, smart, or with any perceived advantage. All you need is the will to make positive change happen, along with the help and support of like-minded people.

If you have the will to make a positive change happen, PTG is the ever-increasing trusted network of like-minded people to provide that support. PTG is the support that I personally never had growing up but will now never be denied another person if we work together in a no boundaries collaboration.

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