PTG Colleague Support Platform

At PTG, our research has shown that providing great support to colleagues is essential for success.

We provide digital core support, often underpinned with AI, to maximise the benefit to the individual and the organisation, always at hand.

Through these platforms we create a sense of belonging, undertake pro-active well-being, disseminate targeted and relevant information, create supportive relationships and enable colleagues to understand and measure their sustainability and social impact.

AI Mentoring & Buddying

AI Based Mentoring/Coaching/Buddying platform that automatically matches parties together to enable them to support each other;ideal for geographically distributed teams or where experts can disseminate their knowledge to others. Also used fore reverse mentoring and peer mentoring.

AI Mental Health & Well Being

Clinically Based AI Mental Health monitoring and Intervention Tool. Providing independent support to individuals, whilst enabling the enterprise to see trends over the long term and short term impact,enabling for early interventions.Additional comprehensive Clinical can be added on.

AI Belonging & Engagement

An AI driven platform for the tailored and be spoke delivery of content creating a sense of belonging, support, bespoke insights and means of celebration delivered across the enterprise..

Enterprise Sustainability Impact Calculator

Enterprise and Eco-system-wide Sustainability andImpact tracking platform, enabling all nodes of the eco-system to log and tracktheir contribution. This is led by a world-leading environmentalist and isideal for organisations and their wider ecosystem.

Sustainability Learning

A video based interactive digital learning platform detailing each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals enabling people to gain insights into the goals; whilst achieving recognized accreditation on Sustainability.

Social Impact Calculator

An independently audited, data based, metrics-driven Social Value Calculator. This enables Social Impact to be measured in £.

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