The PTG Academy

  • Provides extensive, focussed capability development programmes enterprise-wide to help organisations build, manage and retain their capability and talent.

  • We work with you to design your learning programmes, working with highly rated educational entities, underpinning learners with our unique technology, and supporting corporates with our expertise.

  • The curriculum results in recognised qualifications and accreditations from entry-level certificates to Master's Degrees

The PTG Core Curriculum

Curriculum Bolt-Ons, on top of the 5 core programmes

  • Organisationally Aligned & Branded Curriculum Design

  • Career and Industry Insights Sessions with Experienced Leaders

  • ‘The Vortex of Change’ Toolkit for Today's Leaders, Managers and Colleagues

  • Diverse & Early Talent Acquisition

  • Fast-Tracked Experienced Professional Degrees and Qualifications

  • Enterprise-Wide Well Being, Mentoring and Social Impact Measurement Platforms

  • Environment & Sustainability, inc. 17 Global Sustainability Development Goals

  • Team Coaching and 1-2-1 Coaching

Leadership and Management Capability Curriculum

Designed to facilitate the learning of your organisation's leadership from the most junior manager through to the executive team. We support you in building a qualified, informed, and appropriately educated leadership and management capability equipping current and future leaders. We seek to provide leaders with the knowledge to confidently tackle the rapidly changing expectations to embrace today's challenging times.

Technology, Digital & Cyber Capability Curriculum

Aligned to industry-recognised professional qualifications, with the option of additional certifications [e.g. AWS,Microsoft, Cisco] and membership of industry bodies [e.g. Chartered Information Security Professional, British Computing Society] and many more. We offer specialist pathways within the training,covering new entrants through to your experienced technology professionals,including specialisms in Cyber Security, Data, Business Analysis, Software Development, IT & Networking.

Health, Care and Well Being Capability Curriculum

Focussing on the many aspects of healthcare, equipping learners with new skills, growing upon their existing know-how and preparing them for the increasing demands in this sector. We can support entities with our specialist knowledge such as NHS, General Practitioner Surgeries, Medical Providers, Care Home Organisations and Health Support Services. We particularly understand the need to balance learning with the workplace demands on staff.

Third Sector Capability Curriculum

A unique capability programme for third sector organisations, selecting relevant programmes focused on specific skill areas and the particular occupation. We understand the organisation's skills/learning needs by providing tailored development programmes for existing employees and recruits such as Fundraising, Digital Marketing, Youth Worker and Youth Support, Operations and future Leader, to name a few. In addition to this, we also can identify sources of funding for Third Sector bodies to enable workforce development.

Professional Services & Sales Capability Curriculum

At the core of many business functions, the professional Services and Sales capability programme enables the upskill and future talent building critical to all organisations. We,therefore, offer a suite of programmes up to degree level covering areas such as Client Services, Sales Executive, Administration, HR, Marketing, Accounting,Operations, Legal and Finance, equipping your teams with the skills necessary.

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