What do we do?

We create custom-built secure document sharing & productivity platforms for legal, professional & financial services firms to help them work securely and more efficiently.


Safelink lets you share files and collaborate with colleagues, clients or other external parties within an impenetrable, titan-secure environment. Safelink’s encrypted workspaces are built to turbo-charge productivity for legal, corporate and financial professionals.


Safelink can receive, process and display all major file-types. Upload individual files or whole folder structures. We can handle large files (100GB+) with no trouble so bring on the data!


(Safelink automatically processes all files on upload to make them fully searchable and can handle the unpacking, processing and display of PST (email) archives, Discovery productions and Dicom files)


You can organise your files and then invite clients, external parties or colleagues to join. Control what your clients see and define what they can and can’t do with your data.


Client Portals - You can create customised client portals where you can manage the whole client lifecycle from automated onboarding to relationship conclusion. You can choose from one of Safelink’s preconfigured workspaces to suit your needs or customise your own to suit you or your client’s use case.


Deals - For large deals, mergers and acquisitions, Safelink’s transaction workspaces let you run the due diligence process quickly and painlessly. Invite bidders and manage interactions with interested parties, keep track of their progress. When the deal’s wrapped up, Safelink lets you generate indexed, paginated transaction bibles at the click of a button.


Litigation - Manage a litigation case from client take-on to resolution all within Safelink’s purpose-built litigation workspace. Litigation workspaces have additional features tailored to the discovery and case preparation process. Review and securely deliver discovery productions to external parties, construct skeleton arguments and witness statements using outlines and build your court bundle all within Safelink. Whether you want a paper bundle or a digital version, we’re geared for either option.


From within your workspace you can send and receive files securely, annotate and redact documents, drop a marker, highlight an area, or freehand scribble directly onto the page. Control whether the note is for your eyes only, a select few or for everyone accessing the document.


Knowledge Management - Manage meeting notes and board agendas within a digital boardroom. Set agendas, file minutes and create follow up tasks all within Safelink’s meetings workspace. Safelink is fully customisable from the way the platform looks, to the workflows you can create to automate your business processes.



Digital innovation starts here

Safelink is highly customisable and can be configured to your and your clients’ specific requirements. From basic workflows, to stylish microsites and knowledge portals we can turn your vision of digital service delivery into something tangible and secure, quickly and cost effectively. Our mission is to unlock your team’s digital innovation, accelerate organisational workflows and help you deliver an unforgettable client experience. So whatever digital innovation you can think of to help streamline your process flows and automate time-consuming tasks, we can help!


Why we are here

In today’s business world everything moves faster. People want to access information wherever they are, and whenever they want. With the heightened risk of information leaks and hacks, and with all the various software and applications used for everyday business, it is a never ending arms race to keep your information and documents both secure and accessible. Safelink provides an all-in-one secure business hub and customisable productivity platform for you, your clients and external parties to come together and exchange documents and information securely.


How we work


We can create a custom-branded Safelink platform within 24 hours. To get started contact us here