PTI partners with Stay Nimble to help organisations support their employees in finding their purpose in the new world of work
What we do:

Stay Nimble is a social enterprise with the vision, reflecting PTI's, that everyone deserves to find their purpose in the world of work.

To achieve this vision, Stay Nimble delivers a unique digital platform to organisations to help them support their employees and members through career change, guiding them on an end-to-end, individual journey powered by detailed labour market analysis.

Why we're here:

The world of work is changing. 6m UK workers are predicted to have their job radically altered or displaced by 2030 due to technological progress, automation and demographic change.

Driving this are organisations, radically rethinking their skills needs and workforce structures, engaging in restructuring and redundancy programmes.

This can be difficult for individuals - as over 9m UK workers do not know where to find information on changing jobs and gaining new skills - and risky for organisations themselves. Research shows such programmes can yield declines in profitability that persist for three years as job satisfaction, performance and retention of remaining employees fall.

To avoid these challenges organisations need to support people through reskilling and career change.


This is where Stay Nimble comes in.

How we work:

The Stay Nimble platform guides individuals on a transformational journey combining best of breed career coaching and work performance services - including strength-based career matching, tailored learning resources, CV review, and expert human-to-human career coaching - into a single, always-on application. It builds confidence, personal and career understanding, and empowers individuals in their journey to thrive in a new role.

Organisations providing the platform at scale for their employees and members can be confident they are supporting them efficiently and effectively, tracking impact and individual progress.

Get in touch here to understand how Stay Nimble can support your organisation, employees or members, to schedule a demo.


Or reach out to learn more about Stay Nimble's work as a social enterprise working with those distanced from the labour market or the 4m in in-work poverty.