As Director of Innovation and Talent at PTG, George is responsiblefor overseeing the Opportunity Academy and its role in curating a range of training and apprenticeship programmes that support those entering or returning to the workplace. He is also Chair of the Young Peoples’ Advisory Board at Positive Transformation Initiative. George is a committed entrepreneur dedicated to supporting personal development through mentoring and the construction of an effective and holistic network in which people can thrive and succeed.  He designs and delivers tailored programs to connect those looking for employment to organisations with skills shortages such as the NHS. He also works in partnership with the Department of Work Pensions to create a bespoke mentoring programme which caters for the challenges of the modern workplace.
George has held a series of executive roles in mentoring and recruitment.He has developed optimum strategies that attract the right talent to businesses and has identified people who have the potential to up-skill through a mentoring-based, networking approach which has – in turn - helped thousands access apprenticeships, training and employment opportunities.  He is the Founder of Greaves Consultancy and on the Board at Youth Employment UK.