An Introduction to Tech & Law for Good

The Positive Transformation Initiative (PTI) is a network of networks developing opportunities and enabling social impact. The PTI Tech & Law for Good network provides a commercial opportunity for your business that costs you nothing financially and will help create opportunities for everyone.


PTI Tech & Law for Good has created a Proposal Board at the General Counsel & CIO level, this national board will work with our network of networks across business, government and third sector with a significant number of large organisations in 10 locations around the UK & Ireland all working together in a cross organisational collaboration for positive social change.

This initiative is led by our Founder Dan Brown, along with the President of the British Computer Society Michael Grant, and Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE. The people working for PTI do so for free and all our funds and resources are given 100% and directly to the projects we support.

The opportunity here is to create a virtual alliance acting for social change, accelerated opportunity creation and inclusion. This vehicle will be underpinned by internationally recognised leaders and entities generating sustainable revenues for social impact programmes. International expansion has already begun in South Africa with further development planned in 2021.